Monday, 25 July 2011

Roller shutter parts and accessories

Plastic Hand Chain Wheel
Ref: ARR564NV
Diameter Wheel: 180mm
Diameter Tooth Sprocket: 70mm
Diameter Centre Shaft:: 25mm
Number of Teeth: 12

Hand Chain (Zinc-Plated)
Ref: ARR565NV
Size: 5.5mm
Used On: Plastic Chain wheels
Used On: Steel Chain wheels

Hand Chain Guide
Ref: ARR617PP
Chain Guide: 7"
Used With Ref: ARR564NV
Used With Ref: ARR585NV
Used With Ref: ARR585PK

Hand Chain Keep
Ref: ARR565PK
Type: Hand chain locking keep
Dimensions: W 90 / H 50 / D 25
Security: Padlockable.
(Padlock not inc)


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  2. More good people show their views of this bad company, read them here