Monday, 31 January 2011

Easy to fit industrial roller shutter doors

Traditional industrial roller shutter doors are designed to suit industrial and commercial premises. All doors operate by either manual lift up, hand chain or single phase electric motors, which guarantees a smooth performance. They are constructed of specially designed concave interlocking 75mm galvanised steel slats. Manufactured to the highest standard using the best quality materials with heavy duty section bottom rails that provides added strength to each door. A full range of powder coat (BS or RAL standard) finishes to most applications ensure an attractive quality coloured finish that blends in with any building's decor.

Bottom Rail Locking System:
For manual spring & lock operated shutters a central key lock is attached to the bottom rail slat as standard. Alternatively, two high security bullet locks are positioned on each guide runner rail. The central lock is built-in to the shutters bottom rail that is attached to the shutters curtain thus travels up and down with the shutter. Locking bars locate in pre-drilled slots in each side of the shutters guide rails, giving maximum security. With this type of lock it allows the shutter to be locked or unlocked from inside or out.

All our doors, gates and window bars are fully compliant to BS EN 1324 1-1 (Industrial, Commercial, Garage Doors and Gates:-Product Standard) and CE Marked against the Construction Products Directive and also the Machinery Directive, a mandatory requirement in the UK.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Fire rated steel doors

Exit doors, Steel personnel doors or Fire Rated doors 1, 2, 3 and 4 hour fire rated doors, offer ideal security for both personnel access, heavy duty use and fire Rated Escape exit. The Fire Rated door-set options are single or double leaf and are all made to measure. Supplied in a standard colour RAL 7015 (Grey). Other Powder coat finished colours are available if required a surcharge will apply. Standard single Personnel doors are available from stock or single Escape Doors are also available in stock, and come complete with panic bolt. Doors are polyester powder coat finish as standard. The fire rated door-set leafs are of a thick composite construction comprising 1.25mm steel skins and a bonded honeycomb core infill. Each leaf is supplied with two high load, ball race hinges. The frame is constructed of folded steel section with butt joints. Each frame is provided with fixing plates welded into the frame for installation into conventional openings.

Monday, 17 January 2011

PVC strip curtains

PVC Strip curtains are so efficient that they will normally save their installation costs every winter. Thousands of these low cost, energy efficient products are in use by industries in Great Britain, saving millions of pounds in wasted heat, yet never impeding access.

Each door or curtain is designed to suit the prevailing weather conditions and your individual requirements. Lightweight strip with a small degree of overlap for internal pedestrian doors or heavy grade PVC with maximum overlap in most exposed doorways. In addition to their energy-saving properties, PVC screens can also be used to control the spread of airborne pollutants, dust, spray, fumes and noise

We supply arange of strip, sheet and hanging systems, guaranteeing that every customer can order precisely the right product, for internal or external use, for pedestrians or vehicular access and for any size of doorway or screen.

Features include the use of top quality extruded PVC strip with safe rounded edges, available in a wide selection of sizes, flexible twin track hanging systems, tough non-rust aluminium fittings and individual, independently hung strips to allow easy adjustment or replacement. Curtains can be mounted on sliding track to provide summer ventilation or access for fragile products.

With five strip sizes from 200mm x 2mm up to 400mm x 4mm, there is a strip to fit every application. Narrow, lightweight strip is most suitable for pedestrian use, because it is easy to push aside. Wider, thicker strip is more robust for vehicular use and is also more efficient for blocking draughts and heat loss. Heavier weight strip is particularly essential in exposed locations, where the effectiveness of lighter strip may be affected by strong winds

Monday, 10 January 2011

Easy to fit bar and cabinet roller shutters

Both attractive and practical, bar and cabinet roller shutter doors are designed to provide an optimum balance of security and visibility. They are also designed to rapidly convert an open space into a secure area, whilst at the same time enhancing and complementing its surroundings. Used extensively on bars, counters, receptions, kiosks and many other locations. These shutters utilise a compact, roller head plate box design to minimise space available. They allow easy operation by individual manual operation, electrically powered operation or group control from a single switch.

Spring & Lock Operated:
Shutters installed on the outside of the property, mainly over door entrances are raised up and down by hand. Spring loaded for easy of lifting. A key lock allows the shutter to be locked from inside and out

Electric Operated:
Electric motors are enclosed with in the tubular giving full protection from the elements. Operation can be with an internal rocker-switch, external security key-switch or with a remote control unit.

For spring & lock manual operated shutters a central key lock is used. This lock is built-in to the shutters bottom rail that is attached to the shutters curtain thus travels up and down with the shutter.

Locking bars locate in pre-drilled slots in each side of the shutters guide rails, giving maximum security. With this type of lock it allows the shutter to be locked or unlocked from either side of the bar area.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Easy to fit removable security window bars

Removable security window bars are an effective barrier and deterrent to crime. These stylish attractive bars are the solution for protecting windows and doors. The bars are constructed from tough, powder-coated steel, which are locked in place on the inside of the windows in either a vertical or horizontal format. Strong extruded aluminium retaining units secure each bar, yet the unique locking system means that they can be released in seconds. They are all made to measure and are ideal for homes, shops, clubs, schools, offices and factories.