Monday, 28 February 2011

Fire shutters part 2

...continuation of part 1

A soldered link designed to melt at 680C separates and releases the clutch on the electrically operated shutters, putting the shutter into fire mode making it close. On activation of the release mechanism, the shutter’s rate of descent is controlled through the gears being constantly engaged. The rate of descent is approximately 100mm per second. The clutch can be reset and the door can then be raised and lowered in the normal fashion. The motor unit has a facility to simulate a fire test via a pull and reset cord.


The auto reset solenoid release designed to be connected to the fire alarm system. Upon receipt of a 24 volt 0.5amp signal the clutch will disengage allowing the door to close under controlled descent. When the door is returned to open position after removal of the fore signal the solenoid will re-set itself automatically. This is commonly used and ideal for frequent testing.


415 Volt, 3-phase, 50 Hz neutral and earth rated at 10 amps per phase.


240 Volts, 50 Hz rated at 13 amps (motor fuses)


All mild steel surfaces receive one coat of black rust inhibiting primer paint. All galvanised steel is manufactured to BS EN 10142 designation FeP02 G Z275 NA (same as BS 2989 designation Z2 G N and ASTM A527) and BS EN 10143, hot dip galvanised with a zinc coating of 275g/m2
and comes with a normal spangle finish. Paint finish available using a polyester powder coating system (minimum DFT 50 microns, average DFT 70 microns) to our standard RAL or BS Colours. (See powder coat colour page)

Monday, 21 February 2011

Fire security shutters part 1

OPERATION: This shutter has a soldered fusible link designed to melt at 68 degrees centre grade in a fire condition separating and releasing the shutter curtain allowing the shutter to close in a controlled manner. Testing of the door is done manually as is opening and closing the door, using a 418-volt 3- phase 50Hz motor drive. Emergency operation is via a manual hand chain.

CURTAIN: Constructed from solid 75mm curved galvanized steel interlocking lath sections manufactured to BS EN 10142 and BS EN 10143 with a zinc coating of 275g/m2 complete with zinc-plated mild steel end locks Curtain is available in 20swg (0.91mm) or 18swg (1.22mm) finished at the bottom with a galvanised steel ‘T’ shaped bottom rail.

GUIDES: Constructed from 65mm or 102mm x 32mm x 3mm thick galvanised steel channel manufactured to BS EN 10142 and BS EN 10143 with a zinc coating of 275g/m2, complete with splayed tops, bolted to 75mm x 50mm x 6mm thick continuous mild steel angle sections manufactured to BS4848 part 4, complete with 12mm x 50mm slotted fixing holes positioned at 550mm maximum centres.

HOODS: Constructed from 20swg (0.91mm thick) galvanised steel sheet manufactured to BS EN 10142 and BS EN 10143 with a zinc coating of 275g/m2, and fitted with hood support brackets constructed from mild steel angle sections manufactured to BS 4848 part 4 and finished with a zinc-rich primer paint as standard. The hood brackets support the hood and help to provide a fire seal at the head in the event of a fire. The number of support brackets used is determined by the width and fire resistance of the shutter.

BARREL: Constructed from high quality mild steel tube manufactured to BS EN 10219. Overall size of the tube varies to suit the width of the opening and weight of the shutter curtain. Tube wall thickness varies depending on the size of the shutter from 3.2mm to 19mm to achieve minimum deflection and a safety factor of 2. Barrels come complete with tempered steel helical torsion springs manufactured using hard drawn wire to BS 5216mounted on bright steel shafts of various diameters from25mm to 50mm

SHAFT: Shafts are held in place using mild steel bearing blocks incorporating high-speed bearings to ensure concentric rotation.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Easy to fit expandable barriers

The Expandable Barrier System is ideal for access control and security in shopping centres, factory units, car parks, loading bays, warehouses, sports facilities or simply partitioning. This innovative arrangement is completely trackless, operating on a series of steel reinforced trolleys that allow complete mobility. Spanning any width and up to a maximum height of 2.5 metres, it can be temporarily fixed in place with shoot bolts locking each trolley into the floor, for optimum security. Locking devices on the end posts allow them to be effectively secured to the walls. finished in a resilient white gloss coating.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Fixed window bars and mesh grills

Fixed window bars and mesh grills are ideal for high security domestic and commercial applications when removal of the security device is not required. Constructed from steel the mesh is available in either a diamond or square pattern. The Frame will be constructed as follows: 25mm flat steel when face fixing to an opening. 25mm x 25mm steel angle is used when reveal fixing to an opening. Flat or angle can be mixed on the same grille. Standard colour is White RAL 9010 or they can be powder coated to our range of standard stock RAL or BS colours.