Monday, 27 December 2010

Easy to fit shop front roller shutters

With the growing rate of vandalism and burglaries, many retail businesses suffer a substantial burden. Security shop-front roller shutters offer a more effective protection, balancing the demands of security and stylish appearance. A full range is available: galvanised steel, galvanised perforated steel, aluminium punched slotted. Each type of door offers a high level of security for your premises. All shop frontage shutters can be powder coated in our extensive range of colour finishes. Common modes of operation are manual lift or electric, using a high-security key switch. Electric roller shutter doors can also be operated by remote control.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Easy to fit retractable security gates

Retractable security gates are an effective barrier and deterrent to crime. These stylish attractive gates are the solution for protecting windows and doors. Safeguard your home and office with sliding interior security gates. They can be locked during the day without blocking the daylight. When opened, they can be stacked discreetly behind your curtains. A robust steel construction and multi-point locking system. Silent and smooth operation with colour finishes to suit your internal d├ęcor. They are all made to measure and are ideal for homes, shops, clubs, schools, offices and industrial premises.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Easy to fit home security roller shutter doors

Security shutters for your home provide an effective, physical barrier to deter intruders. With vandalism and burglary continuously rising, they offer peace of mind when premises are occupied or vacant. The shutters can be either installed internally or externally and are both operated from inside your home by swivel belt, manual push up and down or electric operated, each, allowing a quick exit in the event of emergencies. For exit doors or patio doors the shutter may be internally or externally opened via a central lock. Locking bars locate into the side guide rails. The neat finish of the security shutters is evident when fitted to your property with their unobtrusive roll-up boxes and maintenance-free powder coated standard colour finishes.

Monday, 29 November 2010


Electrically-operated, roller shutter garage doors create extra space inside your garage. The quiet, vertical operation allows you to park your car up to the door. Press the button on the remote control, drive into your garage and at a second press of the button, the door closes and securely locks. The slim line remote control unit allows you to open your garage door from the comfort and security of your car.
All doors are available in a choice of low-maintenance, attractive colours. Every size of garage door opening can be accommodated - from single doors to oversize double doors. In the event of a power failure, an internal manual override handle allows you to open or close the garage door.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Arrow Security Shutters - Introduction


As a property owner you must be concerned about the growing rate of vandalism and burglaries and, no doubt, you have often considered more effective protection for your premises - OUR SECURITY PRODUCTS ARE THE ANSWER. Look at our prices on our web pages and decide for yourself. There is no pressure, no pushy salesperson to make up your mind for you. If you think this is a small price to pay for complete peace of mind, ring us now on 0800 633 5736. We will be happy to answer any queries that you may have.

Arrow Security Shutters Limited is one of the leading shutter door companies in the UK. (a family run company) We specialise in all types of security products; namely: shop-front shutters; retractable gates; removable security window bars; remote control roller garage doors; bar and cabinet shutters; industrial roller shutter doors; domestic shutters; PVC strip curtains; expandable barriers; personnel steel doors; steel exit doors; and steel fire-rated exit doors.

All our doors, gates and security products are fully compliant to BS EN 1324 1-1 (Industrial, Commercial, Garage Doors and Gates: Product Standard) and CE Marked against the Construction Products Directive and also the Machinery Directive - a mandatory requirement in the UK.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Andrew Burke,